Corporate Team Building

The Perfect Team Building Activity

Looking for a fun and exciting team building activity for your co-workers? You’ve found it! Book a lane, bring your SHARPEST employees (see what we did there?), and get ready to have a seriously fun time!

After checking in at our facility, our axe throwing coaches will work with your group to teach everyone how to properly throw before the games begin! Your group will be split into teams and will compete against one another in a series of games to determine and crown the axe throwing champion with a custom Bear Axe Throwing Medal (sold separately)! Talk about a great story at the water-cooler…

Come experience the thrill of axe throwing and see why so many companies are bringing their staff to Bear Axe Throwing!

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

Remember to BYOB! kinda expensive though. It was a fun experience.
Shawn Lang
Shawn L.
Pretty good experience
Leonel Gonzalez
Leonel G.
I LOVE IT I will go again 🙂🙃😀
Roshonda Chavis
Roshonda C.
Wonderful experience 😍 it
Gail Williams
Gail W.
My husband and I went and had such a good time! Would definitely recommend for a family friendly activity!
Victoria Beasley
Victoria B.
Adrian? Adrien? Adrion? Doesn't matter. Adrian was amazing, funny and the overall experience was something to write home about. Staff were funny and safety was paramount. Would recommend again.
The people who work there are very prompt in helping customers and they are very helpful and knowledgeable about their products
Ruth Jurkiewicz
Ruth J.
We had a great time throwing axes!! Trust you will not be disappointed!! It’s a lot easier than you think.
This was definitely a great time. The instructions were clear and we were left to get started throwing axes. We were given a full hour to throw. We went early (5:00) but I'm not sure why all the lanes weren't full! If you're feeling a little stressed, frustrated, or just want a good time with friends, go here!
Caryn Nelson
Caryn N.
I had the best time last night ! We had a group night out for the GM and at first I said this is weird but I had so much fun! Morgan and Wolf was awesome ! They join in with us! That was pretty cool! They will see me again! Thank y’all so much !!!
Love Bug318
Love B.
I’ve been to several different axe throwing venues, and this one is up there. 10/10 would recommend, wolf is the man.
Jason Armonat
Jason A.
Wolf was accommodating and helpful. Some of the most fun I've had throwing axes
Matt Godwin
Matt G.
Matt Porterfield
Matt P.
Great 1st time with wife and family/ freens!
Kevin Fuqua
Kevin F.
Wolf was great! Very personable and gave great instructions. We had a blast! Can't wait to go back!!
Pamela Rockett
Pamela R.
Morgan was great ! Very professional and engaging. We enjoyed our experience and look forward to coming back !
Alex Sedlak
Alex S.
First time axe throwing. Awesome experience and military friendly. Would recommend for family and friends. Best when you compete with friends
Erik Wery
Erik W.
Our coach was wolf. I was taking out this special lady and the day wasn’t going as planned and it put everything behind schedule. I called him and he was kind enough to work with me so I didn’t lose my money or reservation. He pushed me back from 5 to 7 pm explaining how he understood traffic and things going wrong. We came and had a great time. He was extremely kind and enthusiastic. He taught us safety and technique before letting both us and another couple have at it. He made sure we were being safe but he didn’t breathe down our necks. We had such a great time and will be back. The entire experience was excellent and fun. Wolf made the experience and saved my activity for date night. Thank you brother! Go see Wolf! Super cool dude!
Dale A.
Dale A.
Had a great experience throwing axes!
Sarah Patten
Sarah P.
What a GREAT experience! It was a fun way to spend a birthday. Our coach, Wolf, made the experience even better. He was good with both kids and adults! I would highly recommend this place.
Amanda Johansen
Amanda J.
Bear Axe Throwing was an amazing experience and a great way to spend a birthday! Our coach, Wolf, made the experience even better. He was a good coach to both kids and adults. I would recommend this place to anyone!
Jay Johansen
Jay J.
We came here for my husband’s birthday and we all had a blast! Wolf was awesome and super helpful. We’ll definitely be back!
Crystal Patten
Crystal P.
Great customer service. My Husband and I had something unexpected come up and couldn’t make it to our reservation but the manager gave us a refund that we greatly appreciated! And we will be back!!
Briana Brown
Briana B.
Staff was very helpful and awesome. Great experience!
Kristin M
Kristin M
We absolutely had a blast 💥 this was so fun and the staff was very helpful. 🪓 we will definitely be back
Kathryn Devereux
Kathryn D.
Had an amazing time Dope place to bring family family’s or even a date
Maxwell Lucas
Maxwell L.
Such a great time for my boys and I! We had a terrific time. Great experience and service. Highly recommended
Geoff Turner
Geoff T.
Staff was very attentive and helpful
Debbie Behnke
Debbie B.
Some buddies and I went to throw axes and had more fun than we thought we would. The guy we had was Wolf and he was great. Told us everything we needed to know and showed up how to do it. Would definitely be back
james fontaine
james F.
Amazing staff, super friendly! Great time!
Sarah Heald
Sarah H.
Decided to try this for date night...it took a few tries to get the hang of it, but one of us was consistent by the end. Staff was friendly and gave helpful tips. We’d love to come back and bring friends.
My husband and I came here as something different to do together! We had a blast. Our instructor was so personable and friendly! The directions and rules given to us were easier to follow and understand and overall we had such a wonderful experience and we will definitely be back.
Danielle Erney
Danielle E.
Had a great girls night out for my daughter's birthday. Staff was super nice and facility was great. Highly recommend for an "out of the ordinary" get together with friends! Only suggestion is maybe some different background music.
Selena Horton
Selena H.
Been here multiple times and have always had a great experience! Our last visit my friends showed up late but the staff let us stay the entire hour that we reserved it for. The staff is extremely friendly and its a great environment. Great place to hang out and throw axes😁. Very cool experience, will be coming back very soon again!
Son Ho
Son H.
Had a great time here. Definitely something new to try. Would do it again. The coach was friendly and helpful.
Fernando Gudino
Fernando G.
We took seven teenagers and they all had a blast! If you are looking for something different to do around the Savannah area you should give this a try. The facility was very clean and well kept. The instructor did a great job showing the kids what to do(and what not to do.) You will have fun.
Charles Stelling
Charles S.
Great place with a cool atmosphere. The crew is super great, they accommodated us and made sure we were throwing safely and having fun. Great spot for an active date night or a night out with friends!
Sina Khaleel
Sina K.
Absolutely loved the experience! Our coach was very helpful as first-time throwers and frequently checked on us. Planning to return very soon!
Camille Cook
Camille C.
This is so much fun!
marion malone
marion M.
This was definitely a different experience and it was my first time doing something like this but it was so cool! I really did enjoy myself and I know the group I was with had a lot of fun as well. The instructor was very nice and explained everything really well and made sure we had a fun and safe time. All in all great place to go thank you so much for having us!
Raven Colley Tedder
Raven Colley T.
We had the best time! We went as a youth leadership group. I was a little intimidated at the thought of throwing axes. It was easy and fun!! There were games you could play as a group or just free throw. I'm ready to go back!!
Jen Parker
Jen P.
I took my wife axe throwing for her birthday and we had an awesome time! This was something we hadn't thought much about doing before, but now we cannot wait to get back. Never thought we would really be able to toss these axes and stick them, but after a quick lesson from Wolf, we were hitting bullseyes in no time. An awesome experience!
John M
John M
This was one of the best young adult events we have done to date! Our host was incredible and made the it even more fun for us!
Brandi Lumley
Brandi L.
We had such a wonderful time! We were shown how to proceed and how to stay safe. Then we went about throwing axes at the target. I was not that great at all. Then Wolf showed me how he throws and I tried again. The axes started sticking! I had a lot more fun after that. Definitely get out there and try it out and have some fun! We intend to come back soon!
Lauren Lee
Lauren L.
Amazing place that was super fun. Highly recommend coming here for the fun of a good night out.
Gregory Turner
Gregory T.
We had an amazing time tonight. My daughter and I had a blast! We will definitely be back!
Kandyce Fusilier
Kandyce F.
It was a great amount of fun. Our group really enjoyed doing it. We will go back
Mark Santana
Mark S.
Went for my son's birthday and it was great. The entire group had a great time. Nice clean facility.
Melissa Jean
Melissa J.
It was so much fun! The staff was awesome! I will bring more family on our next visit!
Nicole Holsey
Nicole H.
Alot of fun. First time there we had a good time. It was my husband and I. We shared the cage with 2 others. They were alot of fun. The more you throw you get the hang of it.
Leighan Owens
Leighan O.
Wolf was amazing 👏 I had entirely to much fun. I was a little disappointed with the wood being extremely worn out. I felt as though it would have made a huge difference. It was still a terrific experience. Wolf welcomed me with a friendly smile and professional greeting. Most definitely will be returning!
Tiera Andrews
Tiera A.
Personally wasn't real good at it,but went with a group and it was fun watching the ones that were good. Would do it again
Amanda Dees
Amanda D.
Great atmosphere and excellent staff! Will definitely go again!
Epic Momo
Epic M.
Wolf (best name ever) was absolutely amazing! He was really attentive when it came to learning how to throw. He made sure it was a safe space but also HELLA fun! Definitely will go back with even more friends!
Nariel Tribble
Nariel T.
Amazing experience! Our instructor Wolf was incredible!! He helped with form a lot upon request, super sweet, and even took group photos for us. He wasn’t overBEARing at all and didn’t hover.. will be coming back. FUN. AXECELLENT.
Josefina San Nicolas
Josefina San N.
Wolf was really nice and welcoming. He was very helpful and clear with instructions. My friends and I will definitely be going back.
Trinity M.
Trinity M.
Wolf was awesome, great instructor and cool atmosphere. It was my first time and I could not have had more fun!
Sarah Porras
Sarah P.
First time here and we had a great time. It took awhile to get the hang of it but the coach on duty gave us some great pointers. I also like the play on words. Bear Axe. Say it fast it sounds like Bare A$$.
Scott Hiers
Scott H.
The graduation party I had hosted for my son had fun and challenged each other.
Dain Huerta
Dain H.
So much fun! The staff are friendly and helpful if it's your first time axe throwing. The area is socially distanced and very safe. We had the best time coming here. We will definitely be back!
Kasey Holcomb
Kasey H.
Phenomenal experience! We had our group of 8 on a bachelor party and had a blast! We played a variety of axe throwing games /competitions. Wolf was a great teacher as well! Super easy to pick up!
Nick Chiodo
Nick C.
It was a very fun, and The staff is extremely helpful and encouraging for beginners (like me)
Chris Brewer
Chris B.
Great family time! Well worth the splurge.
Trevor Hess
Trevor H.
Fun couple night! Great environment and lots of fun! A work out and lots of laughs!
Shannon Soles
Shannon S.
Very fun!
Tisha Paschal
Tisha P.
We had the BEST time! It was laid back, and our instructor was very helpful. He checked on us and took his time to talk about BAT with us. It was an awesome experience! You should try it!
Elise DiPalma
Elise D.
We had a great time! Double date with good friends. Throwing is not as easy as it looks but Oh Soooooo Much Fun! Helpful & friendly staff. We will be back.
Elizabeth Page
Elizabeth P.
Awesome experience!
Savonia Guinyard
Savonia G.
Very fun, we came in from out of town and it was a great experience. Coach was great, threw a bunch of axes, couldn’t have asked for a better birthday activity.
Kayla Dunn
Kayla D.
Fun times! We did this as a couple and enjoyed ourselves. I recommend taking a few couples or four or more friends. Not to mention a light work out in the process of having fun.
Joshua Moore
Joshua M.
Great customer service. Good equipment. So much fun! Will go back again and again 😎
Salty Dog
Salty D.
Staff was great. I learned I had an inner lumberjack waiting to come out. I am going to start conceal and carry an axe. You need to try this place. 2 hours went by quickly.
Jeff Rayno
Jeff R.
We decided to spend our 11th anniversary trying out our ax throwing skills. Thankfully for the wonderful staff, we now feel like we have a chance to survive the zombie apocalypse. Very fun and friendly environment. We will be back!
Hannah Wagner
Hannah W.
This experience was awesome! Rented a lane for an hour with one other person it was the perfect amount of time. Would definitely recommend trying it out. Had a blast!!!!!1
Benjamin Wikel
Benjamin W.
Loved this place! Great and clean atmosphere
Kaylah Bias
Kaylah B.
Totally fun! YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!!! I didn't know how satisfying this activity is until I did it. Take your friends and family here next weekend instead of bowling. I bet you will have more fun.
John Benne
John B.
I scheduled online. It was very fast and easy. We had a great time. Staff was amazing.
Angela Bain
Angela B.
Great first time!!! Wolf was our instructor and helped us with everything we needed to know. We will definitely be coming back to enjoy some more Axe throwing!!! Definitely worth a try!
chance litchfield
chance L.
Great place to take some aggression out! Highly recommend Bear Axe Throwing!
Marlee Edgar
Marlee E.
This place is so much fun! It was a really great experience. Definitely going back!!
Chastity Cates
Chastity C.
Fun time! Definitely recommend!
Jennifer Talley
Jennifer T.
Such a blast. Everyone in the family enjoyed it
Rob Edgar
Rob E.
Had an amazing time! Went for my husbands's 33rd birthday, and he was so hyped about it that he wants to go again as soon as we can! I am also going to take my dad because he would enjoy it! The BYOB feature is also a huge plus! I would highly recommend! Bring cash to tip your coach as well! 🙂
Olivia Boyer
Olivia B.
Great place. Had alot of fun.
Amanda Mcdaniel
Amanda M.
Nothing fancy just cages with targets but had a great time. It's definitely not easy.
Patricia Welch
Patricia W.
Just go!!!! The staff is awesome! We went with a large group, and rented all the cages. It was so much fun. 10/10 would recommend. Don’t forget to BYOB
Lane Dent
Lane D.
Friendly staff, nice atmosphere and fair pricing. Really enjoyed our experience, no matter how terrible I was at it!
Brian Lewis
Brian L.
Had a blast. Coaches were hilarious and knowledgeable as well! Was a great experience, I'd definitely recommend trying it!
Derick Conner
Derick C.
What a fun place! Expected the facility to be larger and there was a steady flow of business. We played cricket (darts) during our hour of play. Had mixed ages from 13 - 40 and everyone equally had a blast. Definitely recommend!
Ashley Dean
Ashley D.
We had an amazing time!!!! I booked an hour session for my hubby’s bday! We both have never been axe throwing before and we HAD A BLAST 💥! We are definitely going back.
Sara wright
Sara W.
What a great time! Very professional! A must do for all!! Great staff!!
Brian Phelps
Brian P.
Freaking awesome time
Tim Connelly
Tim C.
We had an excellent time. The gentlemen working there that evening were enthused and knowledgeable. The atmosphere was great!
Maziel V
Maziel V
We did this as a date night with another couple. Once we got the hang of it we had a blast playing games. I would recommend this to everyone.
Shannon Parham
Shannon P.
The staff was so friendly. The BYOB aspect is amazing. And it seriously is just such a fun experience and was an amazing date night. Very chill and laid back experience that was also just exhilarating and super fun. 10 out of 10 recommend.
Gina Liguori
Gina L.
Great atmosphere. The staff is friendly and helpful especially for first timers!
Tyreka Hippard
Tyreka H.
Wow. Such an amazing place and great staff. David and Jonathon were great coaches. Went two weekends in a row.
Jason Hall
Jason H.
Had a blast . Very informative instructors
Akeem Frison
Akeem F.
This was awesome!! David is an awesome coach! We had a great time and first time experience ! We will be back for sure!!
melissa hall
melissa H.
We had a great time. What a workout! The only negative part was the heat. That place was very hot. We will go back!
Tiffany Evans
Tiffany E.
Good clean fun. It’s also a good workout for those like me(out of shape). Can bring your own drinks
TerriKewahn Lucas
TerriKewahn L.
First time. Pretty fun and a heck of a shoulder workout. Easier than I expected to get solid throws that stick, accuracy... thats another story lol.
Ricky Robinson
Ricky R.
it was a lot of fun and something different.
Cori Parker-Nessmith
Cori P.
We had a fabulous time and can’t wait to go back.
Leigh Ann Krosp
Leigh Ann K.
The guys at Bear Axe Throwing were great! They gave great instruction, the place was clean and they responded to all our needs. And we had so much fun!! We will definitely be back!
Christine Pierce
Christine P.
I highly recommend this place!
Kyle Ingram
Kyle I.
Great time for a group of friends or family with s little added competition!! Will definitely go back and throw some more axes!!
Eric Zeidler
Eric Z.
Amazing experience!!!!!!!
Gabriela Gabee González Chéverez
Gabriela Gabee González C.
It was a good time. Very entertaining!
Steven Thorman
Steven T.
During my first trip, we had the BEST time with my co-workers for our Christmas party!! So much fun my husband and I decided to return for his birthday, yesterday. We booked online for 5:00 and received instructions to arrive by 4:45. At 5:00, the lights were still off and the door was locked. We called and were informed the owner or employee (?) had to run an errand and we would get our paid for time. He did not arrive until 5:20. Once the door was open, we received NO apology. I just asked for my money back. We don’t get “date night” without the kids often so we were so disappointed. I wish we had received a call letting us know they were running late, or even an apology once the place was open. Just really disappointed. Especially after singing their praises following our work Christmas party. Probably won’t return after this experience.
Kimberly Thompson
Kimberly T.
Was an awesome experience, the trainer was friendly and made it fun! had a great time would definitely recommend!
Jonathan Evans
Jonathan E.
We had a really fun time and the employee was helpful giving me particularly tips to improve. (I was the worse one of my group thus needing a lot more assistance). Even with me not being a great axe thrower, I and my whole group had a great time.
Susan Brun
Susan B.
Went out for family night and had the time of my life! We have been wanting to do this for quite a while now but it kept getting pushed to the side. I am so glad we went, we will definitely be back! The staff are very professional and knowledgeable and constantly check to ensure safety and order. I highly recommend spending a few hours at Bear Axe Throwing, not only is it fun.... but works amazing for stress relief!
Bobby Irvin
Bobby I.
Had such a great time! The instructors were very thorough and detailed with teaching us what to do! Can't wait to go back!
Andrea Wall
Andrea W.
Very fun! Extremely nice place!
Tennille Cravey Wall
Tennille Cravey W.
Awesome service and great employees very helpful and was definitely a good time.
Justin Miles
Justin M.
Facility and staff were knowledgeable and helpful. Had a great time with my son for his birthday. We both were successful and enjoyed the experience, we will be back soon.
Sua Sponte Health LLC
Sua Sponte Health L.
Employee/ trainer was awesome teaching my son how to throw. We absolutely loved it. Great family fun environment.
Taylor Dykes
Taylor D.
Clean and fun to try your axe throwing skills in a safe environment. One suggestion, bring your own beverage. They have a few sodas for sale, but don't have beer.
Mike Roy
Mike R.
Girls trip! We had such a wonderful time! It was our first time throwing axes and once we got the hang of it, we played for points. Can't wait to do it again!
Simone James
Simone J.
Looking for a fun night out? Bear Axe Throwing is your place! Let off some steam while hanging out with your friends.
April Bowen
April B.
Had a blast with some of my buddies, staff was nice and respectful, equipment was great, music choice was enjoyable. Overall had a wonderful time and was definitely worth the price we spent.
Jordan Flowers
Jordan F.
Lots of fun. Much larger axes than other places I've been
Johnathan Wilson
Johnathan W.
Tried out axe throwing with a group of friends this weekend. We enjoyed the axe throwing itself, but we were really bummed out about the fact that we didn't get the full hour that we paid for.. We started at 5:20ish and then at 6 they said time was up. Nice place overall.
Camille Deal
Camille D.
Fun date night! 💯🎯
E K1
E K.
Very cool place had a good time!
Patrick Allison
Patrick A.
This place was super awesome. everyone was covid aware and friendly. very informative and certainly therapeutic.
Duncan Cannon
Duncan C.
Loved this! We did it as a team builder and it was so much fun to just relax and enjoy. If you like top golf, cornhole, or games like that you would love this. The staff was fantastic. I wasn't understanding why I couldn't ever hit the board and he watched me once and told me what I was doing wrong and the next throw I got it. I loved it. They have a list of games you can play. Also would be PERFECT for a double date or just a date alone!
Haley Grant
Haley G.
We came for my sons 18th Birthday. It was a blast ! Even my 80 year old Grandma enjoyed it .
Amanda Terry
Amanda T.
What an awesome time will go again real soon
Susan Burnsed
Susan B.
Had a lot more fun than expected.
Michaela Brantley
Michaela B.
I took my husband here as a birthday surprise. We had a blast and keeps reminding me about how much fun he had.
Allison Miller
Allison M.
First time experience. The staff was very personable and made for a great first date venue for those looking to something different and unique. Very clean and organized with excellent details to safety while still having enough freedom to enjoy the activity.
Russell Harris
Russell H.
Had a great time! They gave instruction, but mostly left us alone, but did stop by to see if we needed help. I was the only one not getting it so they instructed me on ways to adjust.
rachel clements
rachel C.
Very fun activity, had a great time.
Thomas Clements
Thomas C.
Awesome time!! Wife and I really enjoyed it. Lots of fun!
Jason Lee
Jason L.
great time. perfect for night of fun
Jennifer Kight
Jennifer K.
So much fun! Will definitely be back!
Sarah Lee
Sarah L.
An absolute blast!!!!
Amber Denton
Amber D.
Richard Stewart
Richard S.
We had a great time at Bear Axe Throwing. The place was clean and we felt comfortable there waiting for our coach. Our coach did a great job explaining the rules, how to be safe, and showing us a few different techniques to try to see which was best to use. He also showed us we had two different styles of axes we could use. Our entire party had a great time and while one of the group clearly outshined the rest of us, we all loved the experience and are looking forward to tossing more axes in the very near future.
Chris Davey
Chris D.
Great date night! Friendly and helpful staff
Rebecca Dwyer-Scott
Rebecca D.
Double date night and we had so much fun! I'm super competitive at everything but I must certainly need more practice at this because I was not good! Lol!!! It was so fun though! Great environment and coach is always walking around . Only negative was the target boards need to be changed more frequently. Highly recommend this place and activity!
Jamie Vander Ark
Jamie Vander A.
OMG... my family took me here to celebrate my 61st birthday! What an AMAZING experience! Can’t wait to go back!
Laura Edwards Smith
Laura Edwards S.
Staff, and the training, were very professional, and the rules were both easy to pick up on and easy to follow. My wife and I have been dying to try this and it was very worth it. Perfect date night.
Samantha Hutto
Samantha H.
Very fun, unique, and laid back. Easy way to have fun
mike wells
mike W.
Such an awesome place!!! We love it!
Madison Lee Young
Madison Lee Y.
It is simply a great time!!! Staff is cool and the experience is completely awesome!!!
Patrick Crews
Patrick C.
So much fun!! We had a great guide to teach us how to throw the axes, we loved that we could bring our own food and drinks. Perfect for date night or for a family outing!
A great time every time!!! Our coach was amazing!! Quite a workout, too!! If you haven't been to Bear Axe you must give it a try, you'll love it!!
Sandy Lynn
Sandy L.
Lots of fun. All about safety and fun. This was our first time, we are just visiting, but will definitely go to the facility we have in our area.
Ninie J
Ninie J
This was the first time we threw axes! Was so much fun. The employee was friendly and very helpful. Nice establishment all around! Will definately return
Melissa Clark
Melissa C.
Highly recommend Bear Axe Throwing! Very nice staff and BYOB is great; we will be back soon.
Tim Jones
Tim J.
awesome experience! will definately be back
Melissa Clark
Melissa C.
Bear Axe Throwing was a fantastic experience. Our soccer club held our social event at this facility, and everyone involved had a blast. The staff was knowledgeable, polite, and helpful. It also helped that the music playing at the facility was hard rock. I will be taking my wife there on our next date night.
Paul Condit
Paul C.
A favorite place of mine and my husband! Perfect for date night, even if you’ve argued with each other for over an hour before getting there! 😂 The staff is knowledgeable, encouraging and friendly, we always make it a point to go there when in the area!
Jessi-Lyn Reuter Woody
Jessi-Lyn Reuter W.
Excellent team building experience.
Charles Moore
Charles M.
We had a great time. Our coach (I cant remember his name) was. Very helpful and gave pointers. I would suggest this for groups or parties. Just something different and fun.
Karen Marshall
Karen M.
First time and hooked. Too much fun. Warning its a workout. My arms, back and stomach were sore the next morning. Staff was friendly and engaging.
misty schearback
misty S.
Great experience! Helpful coach, and atmosphere was good.Got some knowledge about Axe Throwing, definitely recommend to people who want to try something new and different!
Selebrity Ware
Selebrity W.
Awesome experience! Coach was very friendly and helpful! Cant wait to go back
Devin Hill
Devin H.
Totally this place is a great stress relief and everyone is always nice and helpful
Allison Priesand McMillan
Allison Priesand M.
Had so much fun!
Brittant Fitzgerald
Brittant F.
We were definitely not the best but we had a blast! A great stress relief!
Megan Newton
Megan N.
Lots of fun for the family
Sav Luke
Sav L.
Friendly people, fun game ideas, I think the one draw back I had was that the board was boards we used was beat up but that was still so much fun!!!!
Jusitn Graves
Jusitn G.
This was ridiculously fun. I only managed a few throws because I have messed up shoulders, but I did manage to get the axe to stick and even hit a bullseye once! We had a lot of fun 🙂
Lindsay McClain
Lindsay M.
My group had a ton of fun here. We payed for an hour and enjoyed every minute of it. The staff was courteous and helpful, and our coach was very helpful. This is very physical, so expect to be sore afterwards. Definitely want to go again.
Chris McClain
Chris M.
Such a great time!!!! I would definitely recommend and look forward to going back!
Keondra Norman
Keondra N.
Amazing place! This is just good awesome fun! My friends and I out here to celebrate my birthday and we all had a blast! Will definitely be coming back more often and look forward to getting on a league
Robert Morabito
Robert M.
This is so much fun. The coaches are great and it's such a fun atmosphere.
Beau Braden
Beau B.
We had an absolute blast!
Rachel Lorraine Hodges
Rachel Lorraine H.
So much fun! Can’t wait to go back. jC is the Man 😀
Elizabeth Crapse
Elizabeth C.
IT was an awesome experience. I brought my brother and his wife from out of town and they loved it! We loved that we could BYOB and the instructors were great! Great facility!
I've been multiple times and each time it has been a great experience.
Marie Coleman
Marie C.
Amazing time. Great fun. Staff is awesome! Definitely going back! Recommend if you haven’t went. GO!
Joey Scott
Joey S.
At first I didn’t know what to think of how this experience was going to play out but honestly it was a very welcoming atmosphere and a great way to release any kind of stress you have! The instructor was extremely helpful and gave great advice throughout the throwing of axes. Definitely a great choice for a date night! Just remember to book in advance! Definitely will do this again!
Nathan Teachey
Nathan T.
Had a great time as a first timer...we'll be back!
Michael Goodwin
Michael G.
Lots of fun, even for beginners. Friendly staff that make you feel comfortable. Will go back.
Angela Hendrix
Angela H.
It was amazing! So much fun. The staff was helpful and friendly, the other people playing in the other lanes were having as much as we were. The atmosphere was happy. We will definitely be going again.
Nichole Henne
Nichole H.
We had a blast! The staff was fun and helpful! Can't wait to go again in the near future!
Breanne Higley
Breanne H.
My 14 year old son and his friend and myself spent 2 hours throwing and at no point were we having a bad time. A great establishment and run well by a helpful and friendly staff.
joel hendrickson
joel H.
Friendly employees, fun time!!
Steve Jeffers
Steve J.
We had a blast!! Cannot wait to go back. Definitely one of the best date nights my boyfriend and I have had in a long time. Highly recommend!! Staff was awesome and the fun we had was even better!!
crystal johnson
crystal J.
had a blast and a great coach
Justin Lynch
Justin L.
Awesome and fun! Tip your coaches!
morgan hampton
morgan H.
Had a great time! I will definitely be returning!
Mark Baier
Mark B.
I had a blast, was pretty skeptical about it before we got there and sucked at first but the throwing coach showed me some technique and was able to get bullseye twice! Definitely going back!
Des Donner Baier
Des Donner B.
It was super fun, you get a whole hour to let your aggression out
Brooke Skeen
Brooke S.
Had an amazing time staff was amazing and very helpful
Adam Skeen
Adam S.
We had a great time! The was very professional, polite and helpful.
gregory granger
gregory G.
Great staff and a lot of fun. Would and have recommend giving this a try. Guaranteed to have a great experience
Litchfieldjr Litchfield
Litchfieldjr L.
Pros: Kind and helpful coach, safe environment, family-friendly, optional games you can play with a group, free firewood :)Cons: One of our target boards was a bit chewed up, making it easier for the axe to fall out, but none of the other lanes appeared to have this issue.
Ray Sears
Ray S.
It was our first time throwing axes. It was a awesome experience. The Staff at bear axe throwing were great. We had a great time along with another group of people we didn't even know. We will be going again here soon!
Charlie Moore
Charlie M.
We had my grandsons birthday party on Sunday everyone adults and kids thought it was a good time. Staff was very friendly. The only complaint I would have is that we paid for 9 people for one hour each and got one cage which means only two can throw at a time if we had gone with two persons it would be the same. I don’t think it’s fair. I feel for the cost we should have had more than one cage for the hour. We will go again but will book separate for each two participating
Theresa Hayes
Theresa H.
Had a great time and I will visit again. Love the BYOB option.
Danielle Edwards
Danielle E.
Took advantage of family night and brought the kids. Kids under 18 throw free on Wed. with accompanying adult. This is our second time but their first and they really enjoyed it. Highly recommend trying this out. Our coach helped the kids get their throws down so they could nail some. Great way to get your teenagers our od the house.
Jennifer Norton
Jennifer N.
We had a wonderful experience for my husband's birthday. The coaching was excellent for our group of mixed experience levels. Someone from our group had to cancel as we arrived, and we were immediately given store credit. We will definitely return soon.
Mercedes Josey
Mercedes J.
Had a great time. Very fun and coaches were helpful.
Paul Dunn
Paul D.
Timothy crushes it all the way through! Talked for him for a corporate event and he made it fun and easy for a big group, great employee, try and get him when you come in!
Nick Newman
Nick N.
Great time, thanks Chris!!
Ted Helgesen
Ted H.
This was a great experience. Surprised my husband for his birthday. Got all of his friends to come. The owners taught us how to throw and even played some games with us. Overall a great experience and totally recommend!
Jana Peplow
Jana P.
Fun for everyone!
Kory Gray
Kory G.
Awesome staff very friendly great way to hang out and do something different
Rodolfo Campos
Rodolfo C.
It was our first time throwing axe. We had a blast! It was intimidating at first, but our coach was great and helped us feel comfortable. Great time was had by all! Will definitely be going back!
Cheryl Rymal
Cheryl R.
Great fun and good exercise!
Charles Moore
Charles M.
We had a great time at our holiday party here! Staff was awesome!!
Savannah Harley-Davidson
Savannah H.
My wife and I had a blast throwing an Axe at this place, we have always wanted to try it. The teacher there was very informative and was always there to help us when we needed it. Anyone looking into wanting to go throwing axe’s, this is the place to go, when we return to Georgia again for vacation, we will be going back again.
My son and I had a blast throwing axes today!! Thank you! We will definitely be back!!
Lisa Lynn Marie
Lisa Lynn M.
JC was a great trainer! My 14 year old and I had a great time. Super fun and many laughs! Can’t wait to go again!
Jeana Munthe Todd
Jeana Munthe T.
Such a fun experience and the instructor will keep you laughing the whole time. Can’t wait to go back!
Laura Cannon
Laura C.
Great place for fun throwing an axe
Roger Lafond
Roger L.
Such a weird statement to say I'm going to throw axes! But I did and it was more fun than I could have imagined! Definitely recommend adding to your list for fun things to do in Savannah. Jason was great giving us pointers and helping us hit the bullseye.
Stacey Tripp
Stacey T.
Had a great time with family! Love the vibe and or coach was amazing! Perfect for a night out.
Dr. Theresa Horne
Dr. Theresa H.
fun for all experience levels
Jennifer Howard Morris
Jennifer Howard M.
The staff is very friendly and helpful. We had an awesome time!!
Katherine Harper
Katherine H.
We were a group of 8 and we all had an amazing time! Our coach was awesome and we highly recommend this to anyone. We came out to celebrate a birthday and we were even able to cut the cake there and eat it. We forgot plates and utensils but they were super accomadating and got us what we needed so
Anna Kirby
Anna K.
This place is so unique - and fun! Jim will be joining the league that starts in January. Y'all come and join him. #WATL
Denise Stokes
Denise S.
This was the best experience in Axe Throwing! We had a large group in for a soccer tournament and they were happy to accommodate us and so nice to the boys! Adults and kids alike had fun.
Megan Watson
Megan W.
Had a really fun date night there
We celebrated a birthday at Bear Axe Throwing and fun was had by all! Our Coach JC was awesome!!
Jessica Murphy
Jessica M.
We had a great time. Excellent service and a nice facility. My 10 year old loved it.
Robert Swift
Robert S.
Staff was excellent, great instructions, attentive, and very safe! Lots of fun too!
Sheila Charron
Sheila C.
Had a great time!! Staff was very friendly and instructive.
Tony L. Charron
Tony L. C.
So much fun. No experience required. Great Date Night idea!
Rachell Cheuvront
Rachell C.
My family and I loved axe throwing! JC was a awesome coach.
Tyeshia Scott
Tyeshia S.
First time throwing and we had a great time. Nice facility and friendly, helpful staff.
Leigh Bennett
Leigh B.
So amazing haha had so much fun and the coach was very instructional
Ariana Martin
Ariana M.
A great way to appreciate your team!
Lucius Gulledge
Lucius G.
Great fun. Was here with my BNI chapter referral partners and we all had such a wonderful time. Helpful and informative staff was icing on the cake.
Bill Edgar
Bill E.
A great venue. The team was professional and helped make our team gathering a fun-filled evening. We booked a group and had a host/trainer/referee which made it all the better. JC kept the group moving and engaged. We will return for another team gathering in the future!
Luke Gulledge
Luke G.
Nice people, had a great time
Ray Wilson
Ray W.
A lot of fun, at an affordable price.
James Farley
James F.
Had so much fun! We went with a group of 5 and did a one hour public lane but would have loved to do 2 hours. Totally worth it!
Muriel Harper
Muriel H.
So much fun! Staff was professional and friendly. Can’t wait to do it again!!
JC was great! Had a fun time!
Travis Bailey
Travis B.
Note: {I did not pay to do something I could do at home} I feel that this is a great place to release some stress and learn a sport.
Alvester Sheffield III
Alvester Sheffield I.
My fiancé and our teenage kids had a great time throwing axes! Our coach, JC, was fun and helped us with our form. I would definitely recommend Bear Axe Throwing to anyone and I am looking forward to doing it again!
Bobbie Love
Bobbie L.
Just went here today for the first time. IF you have stress and need to get rid of it, nothing like feeling and pretending like a VIking for a short while throwing an axe at a target. My wife and I went for an hour and we were nice and sweaty and tired at the end. I highly recommend this place to go for fun, parties, stress relief, workout, what have you. Just go!
John Larison
John L.
We had so much fun! My daughter’s bachelorette party will be memorable for all of us! Great staff and facility!
Denise Blackmon
Denise B.
The workers were great and were there for us if we needed them! it was my first time axe throwing, so my experience was fun!!
Leah DeMoulin
Leah D.
So much fun. Place us clean and professional. Had a blast. We will be back and recommending
Buffie Hall
Buffie H.
Super friendly and helpful staff and really fun way to spend an hour.
Chris Anderson
Chris A.
We had a great time this was our first time going and the staff was very helpful.
UNIT 714
We had a blast! The coach was amazing & very patient with us as 1st timers!! lol. We will definitely be back!!
Jackie Jedrzejek
Jackie J.
Bear Axe is wonderful! The staff is always extremely friendly and the lanes/facility are always clean. As a league member, I appreciate the effort that these guys put in to keep us happy because we can be a handful. Thanks Bear Axe!!
Stephen Pressley
Stephen P.
Lots of fun, staff is very encouraging and instructive. Will definitely come back
Samantha Jackson
Samantha J.
simply put? A great time was had by all.
Demian Ingerman
Demian I.
It's something different and very exciting. Took a few tries before I got to stick an axe on the target but there was an associate who gave great instructions and feedback. This is definitely something I want to do againwith friends and family. It's an experience everyone should try.
Miguel Foucher
Miguel F.
We had a great time and can’t wait to go again!!!
Amy Keeter
Amy K.
The staff were very nice and accommodating for our team building event. Very helpful with educating the group and providing assistance with technique and good practice for being safe.What held back a 5th star was safety. I've been to other axe throwing places where there is a cage for each throwing lane. Here there are 2 lanes (bullpen style) in a cage so you need to be mindful of the second person throwing.
Shaun Lindley
Shaun L.
This was a great activity! The place was amazing and professional! I would definitely recommend this to anyone
Austin Gonzales
Austin G.
More fun than you'd expect. Knowledgeable instructors. My only complaint is that they need to replace the targets more often.
Anthony Wilcox
Anthony W.
Had a great time with my wife at this place! Pretty cool. Would definitely recommend this!
Cole Wenzel
Cole W.
Great place and a new experience
Bobby Petty
Bobby P.
This place is awesome! Great staff, friendly and personable. 100% recommend!
George C Laqua III
George C Laqua I.
My brother and I visited this establishment yesterday. It was a great time! Our coach, Jonathan gave us about 15 minutes to warm up, ensuring we had a good technique then moved us into competitive games. He kept score and was in tune with our games. He also constantly let us know how much time we had left. I got beat five or six games in a row. My little brother got lucky (:-|). We recommend Bear Axe throwing, also recommend bringing your own beverages, although they have fans- it gets hot in there!
Aaron K
Aaron K
I wanted to treat the family to a night out doing something none of us had done before. Being that my oldest two are ages 19 and 20 I wanted to make sure I chose something that they could have fun with weather they chose to be competitive or get a good laugh at one another. We all ended up doing both and dare I say even a workout. The staff at bear axe are extremely helpful throughout the experience. We will definitely be back and I encourage anyone looking for something new to do to give it a try.
Jessica Wargin
Jessica W.
Walter Dumas
Walter D.
Took my daughter to Bear Axe Throwing and had a great time. The instructor was very easy to work with and had us throwing on target in no time.
Joe Tallent
Joe T.
Great as a group outing or family night. I was really nervous to try but after a couple of throws it became more comfortable. So much fun!
Mary Jo Boyles
Mary Jo B.
We had an awesome time! Friendly staff and nice facility. My only suggestion is to add air conditioning or big fans, as it got really hot throwing axes.
Brent Sharp
Brent S.
Our experience at Bear Axe was amazing! David could not have been more helpful & friendly. He showed us techniques for throwing & it made for a very exciting experience. I could not recommend this more. It was clean & I will definitely go again!
Great for a date night or girls night!
Beth Hall
Beth H.
Great experience, was ALOT of fun
david millek
david M.
Bear axe throwing was a very welcoming and non-judgemental environment, especially for two people that have never thrown an axe before. David was so helpful in guiding us through throwing and once we got pretty good, gave us feedback on how to improve. I was hesitant on going because I thought it would be scary, but throwing was so much fun and I felt safe doing it. You are at a safe enough distance where the axe can’t bounce back and hit you. We were able to bring our own beer and drink at our leisure. They also encouraged taking pictures and videos which was a nice touch! I think for the price of $25 which includes the guided help and the axes, it was a great time and totally worth it! Definitely will be going back
Sierra McDonald
Sierra M.
Thought it was a little dumb but then got into throwing and had a great time. Similar to bowling with a touch of Daniel Boone.
Tim Sandlin
Tim S.
Great coaches, had an awesome time with my family!
Chad M ReeveS
Chad M R.
Fantastic family fun. Great place and instruction.
John Tupper
John T.
We had a group of nine guys for my friend's bachelor party. We showed at 1245 and since the place wasn't busy they let us start early. The event started with a lesson. The employee explained how to safely throw axes. He stayed in the game area and gave us tips and offered encouragement. The lane next to us was not being used and the owner allowed us to use it for practice. This made the whole experience more fun with our large group because each guy got more chances to throw axes. Everyone had a great time. It was a perfect activity for the weekend. I highly recommend it.
Joe Mikulas
Joe M.
Fun time, great staff!
Arthur Davis
Arthur D.
Had a great time! Easy going, chill Atmosphere with awesome range guys. An hour is plenty of time to get your axe throwing rages out ❤️
Bailey Paschall
Bailey P.
Always a great time!!!!!!
Ashlee Michelle Panzer
Ashlee Michelle P.
Staff were fun and friendly and my wife and I had a great time. Would definitely go again!
Carsen Pedersen
Carsen P.
10/10 great experience. JC was an awesome coach, super encouraging even when you can’t get your axe on the board 👌🏼
Lindsey Marie Neidlinger
Lindsey Marie N.
All around awesome experience with great instructors!! Highly recommended, we will be back for sure!!
Ivy English
Ivy E.
We had an absolute blast! Tim (the assistant manager) was our coach! He did an amazing job explaining the rules, encouraging us, giving us tips and congratulating us when the axe stuck! He did a great job making sure I wasn’t disappointed in myself or discouraged when my axe didn’t hit. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back!!!!
Linda Faye Prince
Linda Faye P.
Good place
Ben Long
Ben L.
This was soooo much fun. Jonathan was our coach in our 2 person group, and he joined us with a group of 6 and i'm glad he did. He was a great coach and wer played several games. It was an awesome experience. We didn't BYOB but im glad to know it's an option. Tons of fun... definitely will be returning with a group!
Angel Boss
Angel B.
Amazing staff, great fun!Highly recommended!
Daniel R. Usery
Daniel R. U.
Great time! No need to be nervous, the lane coaches will help. Bring your own beer is a great feature!
Jamie Gillis
Jamie G.
Lots of fun. Like playing darts only with large hatchets! A bit pricey, but once you get into it you forget about that 😉
Chuck McCallar
Chuck M.
Cool spot, and fun experience. Ask for Kayla, she's a great coach!
James Fischer
James F.
Oh man, this was quite possibly the most fun I've had in a long time. Our coach, Jonathan, was GREAT. Our group had a blast and we will 100% be back. Thank you for the wonderful experience!
Kimberly Caesar
Kimberly C.
Probably the most fun I've had this year! I was very relunctant about a business that needs you to sign a mishaps waiver before doing anything but they provide a layer of safety that could very well rival military training. They do have a amazing BYOB and Wine allowance which makes it all the more fun. Highly advise everyone to go out and check in to have some fun. And great news I've gotten rumors of one opening its doors in Beaufort. So I will definitely be a frequent contributor to the axe throwing community and hopefully compete! Have fun and bring beer.
Carmello Dixon
Carmello D.
Awesome time! Definitely can’t wait to go back!
Sarah Lynn Troha
Sarah Lynn T.
I had no idea what to expect, never even touched an axe before, but this was the best thing we had ever done. It was so fun! Our coach was fantastic and it was a blast, perfect for our date night and definitely fun for friends night out. Thank you guys! Will definitely be back!
Cheree Alexandra
Cheree A.
Absolutely LOVED the axe throwing experience!! The staff was friendly and helpful. We are definitely coming again!
Taylor Brown Veale
Taylor Brown V.
amazing people; great place to have a team bonding night or friend's meet up.
Jazmine Mckellar
Jazmine M.
Went out with a few friends and had a blast with our coach Jessica! Will be returning for more fun!!
Rachel Yule
Rachel Y.
Found “Bear Axe Throwing” on my explorer page of Instagram..thought this would absolutely perfect for my husbands birthday! The coaches were great, helpful, and worked with our schedule! It was reasonable priced and definitely something we want to bring our friends back to do as a group/double date.
Chaliss Phelps
Chaliss P.
Nice clean location highly recommend!!
Mark Daniels
Mark D.
Highly recommend making an appt online and filling out the waivers prior. It made check in super easy and quick. We had so much fun, we will be back.
Madison Bartlett Mardany
Madison Bartlett M.
It was a lot of fun for a spontaneous date night !!!
Ken Poe
Ken P.
We had a great time! Will definitely be back.