What is Bear Axe Throwing?

Bear Axe Throwing is the ultimate fun destination! You and your friends compete against each other by hurling axes at targets! Each lane has two targets and a coach that teaches your group how to properly throw the axe as well as compete in a series of games. If you are looking for a fun and axe-citing destination, your axe is in the right place!

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Bear Axe Throwing Is Great For

Team Building

Bring your sharpest employees and have an axe-citing team building experience!

Private Events

Axe throwing pairs excellent with bachelor/ette, birthday, and all other parties!

Date Nights

Did you know studies show high-adrenaline activities increase attractiveness?

Join Our League

We are a proud sponsor of the World Axe Throwing League as seen on ESPN!


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Corporate Team Building

Looking for a fun and exciting activity for your co-workers? You’ve found it! Book a lane, bring your SHARPEST employees (see what we did there?), and get ready to have a seriously fun time! After checking in at our facility, our axe throwing coaches will work with your group to teach everyone how to properly throw before the games begin! Your group will be split into teams and will compete against one another in a series of games to determine and crown the axe throwing champion with a custom Bear Axe Throwing Medal (sold separately)! Talk about a great story at the water-cooler… Come experience the thrill of axe throwing with your staff and see why so many companies are bringing their staff to Bear Axe Throwing!

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

Staff was excellent, great instructions, attentive, and very safe! Lots of fun too!
Sheila Charron
Sheila C.
Had a great time!! Staff was very friendly and instructive.
Tony L. Charron
Tony L. C.
So much fun. No experience required. Great Date Night idea!
Rachell Cheuvront
Rachell C.
My family and I loved axe throwing! JC was a awesome coach.
Tyeshia Scott
Tyeshia S.
First time throwing and we had a great time. Nice facility and friendly, helpful staff.
Leigh Bennett
Leigh B.
So amazing haha had so much fun and the coach was very instructional
Ariana Martin
Ariana M.
A great way to appreciate your team!
Lucius Gulledge
Lucius G.
Great fun. Was here with my BNI chapter referral partners and we all had such a wonderful time. Helpful and informative staff was icing on the cake.
Bill Edgar
Bill E.
A great venue. The team was professional and helped make our team gathering a fun-filled evening. We booked a group and had a host/trainer/referee which made it all the better. JC kept the group moving and engaged. We will return for another team gathering in the future!
Luke Gulledge
Luke G.
Nice people, had a great time
Ray Wilson
Ray W.
A lot of fun, at an affordable price.
James Farley
James F.
Had so much fun! We went with a group of 5 and did a one hour public lane but would have loved to do 2 hours. Totally worth it!
Muriel Harper
Muriel H.
So much fun! Staff was professional and friendly. Can’t wait to do it again!!
JC was great! Had a fun time!
Travis Bailey
Travis B.
Note: {I did not pay to do something I could do at home} I feel that this is a great place to release some stress and learn a sport.
Alvester Sheffield III
Alvester Sheffield I.
My fiancé and our teenage kids had a great time throwing axes! Our coach, JC, was fun and helped us with our form. I would definitely recommend Bear Axe Throwing to anyone and I am looking forward to doing it again!
Bobbie Love
Bobbie L.
Just went here today for the first time. IF you have stress and need to get rid of it, nothing like feeling and pretending like a VIking for a short while throwing an axe at a target. My wife and I went for an hour and we were nice and sweaty and tired at the end. I highly recommend this place to go for fun, parties, stress relief, workout, what have you. Just go!
John Larison
John L.
We had so much fun! My daughter’s bachelorette party will be memorable for all of us! Great staff and facility!
Denise Blackmon
Denise B.
The workers were great and were there for us if we needed them! it was my first time axe throwing, so my experience was fun!!
Leah DeMoulin
Leah D.
Amazingly fun
the Meme
the M.
So much fun. Place us clean and professional. Had a blast. We will be back and recommending
Buffie Hall
Buffie H.
Super friendly and helpful staff and really fun way to spend an hour.
Chris Anderson
Chris A.
We had a great time this was our first time going and the staff was very helpful.
UNIT 714
We had a blast! The coach was amazing & very patient with us as 1st timers!! lol. We will definitely be back!!
Jackie Jedrzejek
Jackie J.
Bear Axe is wonderful! The staff is always extremely friendly and the lanes/facility are always clean. As a league member, I appreciate the effort that these guys put in to keep us happy because we can be a handful. Thanks Bear Axe!!
Stephen Pressley
Stephen P.
Lots of fun, staff is very encouraging and instructive. Will definitely come back
Samantha Jackson
Samantha J.
simply put? A great time was had by all.
Demian Ingerman
Demian I.
It's something different and very exciting. Took a few tries before I got to stick an axe on the target but there was an associate who gave great instructions and feedback. This is definitely something I want to do again with friends and family. It's an experience everyone should try.
Miguel Foucher
Miguel F.
We had a great time and can’t wait to go again!!!
Amy Keeter
Amy K.
John helped my party play a few games and ref a few close calls- he was super helpful. Place was clean but SUPER hot. The thermostat said 86 degrees in the waiting area and there was hot air circulating in the throwing lanes. BYOB was cool too. Will def go again!!
Nora Aguilar
Nora A.
The staff were very nice and accommodating for our team building event. Very helpful with educating the group and providing assistance with technique and good practice for being safe.What held back a 5th star was safety. I've been to other axe throwing places where there is a cage for each throwing lane. Here there are 2 lanes (bullpen style) in a cage so you need to be mindful of the second person throwing.
Shaun Lindley
Shaun L.
This was a great activity! The place was amazing and professional! I would definitely recommend this to anyone
Austin Gonzales
Austin G.
More fun than you'd expect. Knowledgeable instructors. My only complaint is that they need to replace the targets more often.
Anthony Wilcox
Anthony W.
Had a great time with my wife at this place! Pretty cool. Would definitely recommend this!
Cole Wenzel
Cole W.
Great place and a new experience
Bobby Petty
Bobby P.
This place is awesome! Great staff, friendly and personable. 100% recommend!
George C Laqua III
George C Laqua I.
My brother and I visited this establishment yesterday. It was a great time! Our coach, Jonathan gave us about 15 minutes to warm up, ensuring we had a good technique then moved us into competitive games. He kept score and was in tune with our games. He also constantly let us know how much time we had left. I got beat five or six games in a row. My little brother got lucky (:-|). We recommend Bear Axe throwing, also recommend bringing your own beverages, although they have fans- it gets hot in there!
I wanted to treat the family to a night out doing something none of us had done before. Being that my oldest two are ages 19 and 20 I wanted to make sure I chose something that they could have fun with weather they chose to be competitive or get a good laugh at one another. We all ended up doing both and dare I say even a workout. The staff at bear axe are extremely helpful throughout the experience. We will definitely be back and I encourage anyone looking for something new to do to give it a try.
Jessica Wargin
Jessica W.
Walter Dumas
Walter D.
Took my daughter to Bear Axe Throwing and had a great time. The instructor was very easy to work with and had us throwing on target in no time.
Joe Tallent
Joe T.
Great as a group outing or family night. I was really nervous to try but after a couple of throws it became more comfortable. So much fun!
Mary Jo Boyles
Mary Jo B.
I always have a super fun time at Bear axe. I had a friend from Maryland join me this time and he had the time of his life. If you have not gone yet please go, I promise you'll have blast!!!
Sandra Hopkins
Sandra H.
We had an awesome time! Friendly staff and nice facility. My only suggestion is to add air conditioning or big fans, as it got really hot throwing axes.
Brent Sharp
Brent S.
Our experience at Bear Axe was amazing! David could not have been more helpful & friendly. He showed us techniques for throwing & it made for a very exciting experience. I could not recommend this more. It was clean & I will definitely go again!
Kristi Taylor
Kristi T.
Great for a date night or girls night!
Beth Hall
Beth H.
Great atmosphere!! Fun challenge!!
Joshua Magness
Joshua M.
Great experience, was ALOT of fun
david millek
david M.
Bear axe throwing was a very welcoming and non-judgemental environment, especially for two people that have never thrown an axe before. David was so helpful in guiding us through throwing and once we got pretty good, gave us feedback on how to improve. I was hesitant on going because I thought it would be scary, but throwing was so much fun and I felt safe doing it. You are at a safe enough distance where the axe can’t bounce back and hit you. We were able to bring our own beer and drink at our leisure. They also encouraged taking pictures and videos which was a nice touch! I think for the price of $25 which includes the guided help and the axes, it was a great time and totally worth it! Definitely will be going back
Sierra McDonald
Sierra M.
Thought it was a little dumb but then got into throwing and had a great time. Similar to bowling with a touch of Daniel Boone.
Tim Sandlin
Tim S.
Great coaches, had an awesome time with my family!
Chad Reeves
Chad R.
We had so much fun, the instructor gave great tips and made sure everyone, no matter their skill level, had a great time. Highly recommend for dates or groups.
Dina Bradley
Dina B.
Fantastic family fun. Great place and instruction.
John Tupper
John T.
We had a group of nine guys for my friend's bachelor party. We showed at 1245 and since the place wasn't busy they let us start early. The event started with a lesson. The employee explained how to safely throw axes. He stayed in the game area and gave us tips and offered encouragement. The lane next to us was not being used and the owner allowed us to use it for practice. This made the whole experience more fun with our large group because each guy got more chances to throw axes. Everyone had a great time. It was a perfect activity for the weekend. I highly recommend it.
Joe Mikulas
Joe M.
Fun time, great staff!
Arthur Davis
Arthur D.
What a great time!! The coach David was terrific!! Thoughtful and patient with us and very professional and friendly.
Jeff Spencer
Jeff S.
So much fun. Recommend if your down in those parts you stop in
Greg Godfrey
Greg G.
So fun!!! Date night WIN! Beer and axes? YEP!
Lindsey Marie
Lindsey M.
Had a great time! Easy going, chill Atmosphere with awesome range guys. An hour is plenty of time to get your axe throwing rages out ❤️
Bailey Paschall Brown
Bailey Paschall B.
Highly recommended. Love it! 😍
Sarah Ann Ryan
Sarah Ann R.
Always a great time!!!!!!
Ashlee Michelle Panzer
Ashlee Michelle P.
Staff were fun and friendly and my wife and I had a great time. Would definitely go again!
Carsen Pedersen
Carsen P.
10/10 great experience. JC was an awesome coach, super encouraging even when you can’t get your axe on the board 👌🏼
Lindsey Marie Teutsch
Lindsey Marie T.
All around awesome experience with great instructors!! Highly recommended, we will be back for sure!!
Ivy English
Ivy E.
We had an absolute blast! Tim (the assistant manager) was our coach! He did an amazing job explaining the rules, encouraging us, giving us tips and congratulating us when the axe stuck! He did a great job making sure I wasn’t disappointed in myself or discouraged when my axe didn’t hit. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back!!!!
Linda Faye Prince
Linda Faye P.
Good place
Ben Long
Ben L.
This was soooo much fun. Jonathan was our coach in our 2 person group, and he joined us with a group of 6 and i'm glad he did. He was a great coach and wer played several games. It was an awesome experience. We didn't BYOB but im glad to know it's an option. Tons of fun... definitely will be returning with a group!
Angel Boss
Angel B.
Amazing staff, great fun!Highly recommended!
Daniel R. Usery
Daniel R. U.
Clean, fun, great environment, and great staff!
Kristin L Carter
Kristin L C.
Great time! No need to be nervous, the lane coaches will help. Bring your own beer is a great feature!
Jamie Gillis
Jamie G.
Lots of fun. Like playing darts only with large hatchets! A bit pricey, but once you get into it you forget about that 😉
Chuck McCallar
Chuck M.
Cool spot, and fun experience. Ask for Kayla, she's a great coach!
James Fischer
James F.
Oh man, this was quite possibly the most fun I've had in a long time. Our coach, Jonathan, was GREAT. Our group had a blast and we will 100% be back. Thank you for the wonderful experience!
Kimberly Caesar
Kimberly C.
Probably the most fun I've had this year! I was very relunctant about a business that needs you to sign a mishaps waiver before doing anything but they provide a layer of safety that could very well rival military training. They do have a amazing BYOB and Wine allowance which makes it all the more fun. Highly advise everyone to go out and check in to have some fun. And great news I've gotten rumors of one opening its doors in Beaufort. So I will definitely be a frequent contributor to the axe throwing community and hopefully compete! Have fun and bring beer.
Carmello Dixon
Carmello D.
Awesome time! Definitely can’t wait to go back!
Sarah Lynn Troha
Sarah Lynn T.
I had no idea what to expect, never even touched an axe before, but this was the best thing we had ever done. It was so fun! Our coach was fantastic and it was a blast, perfect for our date night and definitely fun for friends night out. Thank you guys! Will definitely be back!
Cheree Alexandra
Cheree A.
If you need a little fun to relieve some stress, have fun with friends or try something different, I recommend Bear Axe Throwing! I came with friends for some birthday fun and had a blast! The staff, was great (we loved having Kayla as our coach for the night too!) highly recommend for some adult fun!
Sarah Warren
Sarah W.
Absolutely LOVED the axe throwing experience!! The staff was friendly and helpful. We are definitely coming again!
Taylor Brown Veale
Taylor Brown V.
amazing people; great place to have a team bonding night or friend's meet up.
Jazzy Mckellar
Jazzy M.
Went out with a few friends and had a blast with our coach Jessica! Will be returning for more fun!!
Rachel Yule
Rachel Y.
Found “Bear Axe Throwing” on my explorer page of Instagram..thought this would absolutely perfect for my husbands birthday! The coaches were great, helpful, and worked with our schedule! It was reasonable priced and definitely something we want to bring our friends back to do as a group/double date.
Chaliss Cline
Chaliss C.
Nice clean location highly recommend!!
Mark Daniels
Mark D.
Highly recommend making an appt online and filling out the waivers prior. It made check in super easy and quick. We had so much fun, we will be back.
Madison Bartlett Mardany
Madison Bartlett M.
It was a lot of fun for a spontaneous date night !!!
Ken Poe
Ken P.
Great time! The staff was extremely kind, professional, and informative. Overall, Bear Axe provides a fun place to go with friends and family!
Dominique Desautels
Dominique D.
We had a great time! Will definitely be back.
Jennifer Roberts
Jennifer R.
Went with a group of friends for a birthday party and had a blast.
Niki Pye
Niki P.
Absolutely loved this! Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. Wonderful atmosphere, will definitely be going back!
galaxyrose flower
galaxyrose F.
It was a blast! I never knew it could be so much fun throwing axes! They were great at coaching us and keeping the scores for everyone. I will be going back!
Amanda Stafford
Amanda S.
Wow What A Awesome Time! Can’t wait to go back!
Jimmy Bell
Jimmy B.
-Nowhere near as frustrating as golf.-After learning proper technique, the sound the axe makes when it sticks is pretty dope.-Plenty of fun games that the coaches teach (blackjack is the best). AJ pointed out things he noticed would make the more competitive people in our group better and just let the ones that wanted to sling steel, safely sling steel at wood. Learning different personalities is part of being a good coach. Kudos!I feel like after a few more visits here, I'm going to go pro and apply for my official viking pillaging card.
Tim Hines
Tim H.
Great environment, solid instruction for anyone that hasn’t thrown an axe before
Sean Burns
Sean B.
We went tonight and had SO MUCH FUN! Would highly recommend- the staff and coaches were amazing.
Jessica Leigh Tomasoski
Jessica Leigh T.
Outstanding staff and experience!!
Matt Mitchell
Matt M.
AXEtravaganza! Sooooo much fun! Go with friends or ale friends there!
Kristin Skimin Cox
Kristin Skimin C.
Something totally different and super fun!! Even with strangers. Not to mention I'm PRETTY sure it counts as cardio!!!
Kristy McGovern-Cottle
Kristy M.
We had the best time!! We will be back!!
Megan Burns
Megan B.
Amazingly fun time for our family! Friendly staff and experienced coaches! I couldn’t hit the wood at first and by the end of the hour I hit a bullseye! Will definitely go back. Our 12 yo twins loved it too!
Kristin Sosinski Ensley
Kristin Sosinski E.
Took a group of about 20 Marines there for a couple hours and it was a BLAST! Coaches were respectful and helpful. Highly recommend
Charles Busskohl
Charles B.
Super fun! First time...❤️ it! We’ll be back.
Carrie Jane Williamson
Carrie Jane W.
Had an Awesome time learning to throw axes!
Jimmy White
Jimmy W.
My first time axe throwing but positively not my last....our coach David & the rest of the crew are outstanding. Sooooo much fun!!!!!
Sandy Lynn
Sandy L.
My husband and I did a walk in for a spur of the moment date night. The staff was friendly and ensured we felt comfortable, safe and had fun. We will definitely make this place part of our date night routine! Andrew was our coach and we enjoyed hanging out with him. He had us try different games and gave some good pointers on how to throw the axe more effectively.
Caila Arahood
Caila A.
So much fun. Amazing staff
Poppy Poppys
Poppy P.
we had a great time. set up our time online. walked in and it was so easy to get started. will be back soon.
Melissa Stevens Byrd
Melissa Stevens B.
It was a lot of fun. It’s actually harder than it looks. Thanks AJ
Dawn Taylor Sanders
Dawn Taylor S.
Great facility, fun and a great stress reliever!
Savannah Dan
Savannah D.
Great outing for a social or organizational team building exercise!
Peter Brougham-Cook
Peter B.
Awesome time, Great team! I will be back!!!
Timothy Sutton
Timothy S.
Looks fun. Have been watching on tv.
Pat Aldrich Bragg Sallette
Pat Aldrich Bragg S.
This is not just a guy place, I took my son and 2 daughters and got to throw axes before the grand opening. We had a blast and can't wait to go again.
Joseph Rowe
Joseph R.
wonderful stress relieving hobby!
Daniel Akins
Daniel A.
Besides being fun, it’s a social thing that builds on & reinforces relationships. It’s why it’s such a great vehicle for positive team building.
Earl Usry
Earl U.
Awesome owner and great idea for Savannah!
Darla Phoenix Clarkson
Darla Phoenix C.


Hours of Operation

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – League Night Only

Wednesday-Friday – 2pm-10pm

Saturday – 10am-10pm

Sunday – 2pm-10pm

**Private Lanes available all days from 8am-10pm with reservation 7 days in advance.